Technology Transfer

Nishchem has recently broadened its horizon by venturing into technology transfer. Herein, Nishchem facilitates the transfer of technology for both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Formulations. Nishchem’s principals offer technology solutions to Pharmaceutical Companies across the globe. The solutions offered are high quality, cost-effective, and cater to the changing needs.

Under the banner of technology transfer, NIPL transfers the entire manufacturing process, stability data, Batch manufacturing records and other technical documentation to the customer. These services are provided in the form of a dossier to the client. Currently, Nishchem is working with various companies in Russia, India and Bangladesh and assisting them with the physical demonstration of the product cycle. The products offered include new general molecules in the field of Oncology, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Fungal, etc.