Formulations - Exports of Finished Formulations

Formulations - Oncology

1Abiraterone Acetate Tablets 250mgTERONISH 250
2Bendamustin Hydrochloride Injection 100mgBENDANISH 100
3Bortezomib Injection 2mg/2ml BORTENISH 2 mg
4Bortezomib Injection 3.5mg/3.5ml BORTENISH 3.5 mg
5Capecitabine Tablets 500mgCAPENISH 500
6Carboplatin Injection 150mg/15mlCARBONISH 150
7Carboplatin Injection 450mg/45mlCARBONISH 450
8Cisplatin Injection 10mg/20mlCHEMOTIN 10
9Cisplatin Injection 50mg/50mlCHEMOTIN 50
10Dacarbazine HCL Injection 200mgBaziNish 200
11Docetaxel Injection 20mg/0.5ml DOCENISH 20
12Docetaxel Injection 80mg/2ml DOCENISH 80
13Doxorubicin Injection 10mg/5mlDOXOL 10
14Doxorubicin Injection 50mg/25mlDOXOL 50
15Epirubicin Injection 10mg/5mlEPINISH 10
16Epirubicin Injection 50mg/25mlEPINISH 50
17Erlotinib Tablets 100mgERLONISH 100
18Erlotinib Tablets 150mgERLONISH 150
19Gefitinib Tablets 250mgGEFINISH 250
20Gemcitabine Injection 1000mg/50mlGEMENISH 1000
21Gemcitabine Injection 200mg/10mlGEMENISH 200
22Imatinib Tablets 400mg IMATOL 400
23Oxaliplatin Injection 50mg/25mlOXANOL 50
24Oxaliplatin Injection 100mg/50mlOXANOL 100
25Paclitaxel Injection 100mg/16.67mlPaxol 100
26Paclitaxel Injection 260mg/43.4mlPaxol 260
27Paclitaxel Injection 30mg/5mlPaxol 30
28Zolendronic Acid Lypholized Injection 4mgGeneric
29Anastrazole Tablets 1mg Generic
30Aprepitant Capsules 80mg / 125mg Generic
31Biclutamide Tablets 50mgGeneric
32Bleomycin 15000IU LypholizedGeneric
33Cyclophosphamide 500mg / 1gGeneric
34Cyclophosphamide Tablets 50mgGeneric
35Cyterabine 100mg / 1gGeneric
36Flutamide Tablets 250mgGeneric
37Fosaaprepitant 150mg Lypholized Generic
38Hydroxy Urea Tablets 500mgGeneric
39Idarudicin 20mg LypholizedGeneric
40Lapatinib Tablets Generic
41Lenalidomide Tablets 50mg / 100mg / 250mgGeneric
42Methotrexate Tablets 2.5mg / 5mg / 10mgGeneric
43Paclitaxel Albumin Bound 100mg Lypholized Generic
44Pemetrexed 100mg / 500mg LypholizedGeneric
45Sorafinib Tablets Generic
46Sunitinib Tablets Generic

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