About Us

About Us

Public health is always an imperative that implies immense responsibility, not a mere re-adjustable option. As a company operating under world’s second largest industry of Pharmaceuticals, Nishchem International Pvt. Ltd. (NIPL) stands on the virtue of revolutionizing the ends, as well as the means to safe and secure health. Medicinal drugs have always held an important place in the sphere of healing and treatment, with their applications ranging from diagnosis, treatment and cure right up to prophylaxis. We, therefore, ensure that our products reflect not only our penchant for superior quality but also our active support to the cause of contributing to public health. The core of Nishchem has been devoted to serve the pharmaceutical segment by selling high-end quality and service mainstreams.

Since its inception in 1990, it has been a long and ambitious journey for NIPL, treading its way through the industry and carving its own elite niche as a paramount force to reckon with. Based in Mumbai, Nishchem International Pvt. Ltd. is a highly competent APIs and Formulations company. Our clientele boasts of some of the most top-notch Pharmaceutical companies such as Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mankind Pharma Ltd., Cipla Ltd., Hetero Labs Ltd., Indoco Remedies Ltd.,Alkem Laboratories Ltd. amongst others.

Nishchem was initially a company involved in indenting, but has expanded its horizons ever since by venturing into distribution, manufacturing and export of APIs & Formulations. This has rightly enabled them to set a benchmark and establish themselves as a name associated with quality, growth and diligence. NIPL is authorized to assemble and provide their services and products to not just large scale powerhouse companies but also small scale enterprises that have evident potential. Because of its ardent devotion for offering services that tick superior quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability, Nishchem has built a reputable name for itself as a global exporter that ensures minimal procurement expenses for its clients. NIPL also offers complete documentation solutions for hassle free registration of products in the importing country. The company now manufactures and exports a large range of products at WHO-GMP, PIC/s, EU-GMP, USFDA certified state of the art manufacturing facilities that are magnates not only in the ROW but also in the regulated markets. Nishchem is always in the pursuit of taking its array of services a notch higher, drawing on research and experience while it is at it.

A major development along the growth curve for Nishchem took place in the 90s, when the company introduced the third and fourth generation of molecules in the pharmaceuticals industry. This new trend was implanted with quite a boost, bearing fruit till today.

As a company built on the foundations of trust and reliability, NIPL does not compromise with their services and the consequent requirements of the customers. With a team of professionals that are consummate, adept, and open to change, Nishchem strives to relentlessly provide for the needs of their customers across the globe, leaving no stone unturned in adhering to time limits and technical expertise. Since the every professional on the team has his/her own innovation and proficiency at play while working in a technical and commercial field, the company works in sync to tackle each customer’s objective and draws from its experience. Thus, exploring newer dimensions to its business through effective and efficient technology and innovation is the hallmark of Nishchem’s success.

Every venture is a meticulously calculated sphere of supplying only superlative products to our clients. Reliability, credibility and transparency form the very essence of Nishchem International Pvt. Ltd.

Nishchem International Pvt. Ltd is registered under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 bearing Udyog Aadhar Number MH19D0008556